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Sophisticasm: A blog about 'Sophistication'

Sophisticasm: A blog about 'Sophistication'

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Via To Be Free


Of all religions, why convert to Catholicism?

Stupid… I wanna smack you.

You don’t give someone permission to speak after interrupting them to talk about something unrelated.

You don’t then proceed to interrupt them a second time and then make them look like a monster when they point it out.

I can’t explain these… All I know is that my tablet really messes up the size of foreheads…

It’s about as bad as the size of Greenland on most world maps…


Mary Poppins (1964)

Via To Be Free

I smell Chinese food.

That’s what happens when you sit at a Chinese restaurant for about 4 hours every Friday and Saturday.

I love it.

Grandpa is in the hospital. He doesn’t remember people and he can’t hold fluid.

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